The light shopping dilemma…..

There are so many things to weigh when shopping for lighting for your home. Quality, style, timelessness, warranty and then there are those pesky things like price and adequate brightness. I have often referred to lighting as the jewelry of your home. While I am sure I am not the first or only designer to say this, I am certain it applies to each and every homeowner. Some enjoy simple clean lines, others are very classic and traditional, there is the very safe “transitional” category of lighting now and then there is my personal favorite, eccelectic.

The hands down best advice I have to offer: dont’ get cought up in the minute details of the fixture. You will likely be 6 or more feet away from a fixture when you are viewing and not likely to look at it straight on. You will know instinctively what you ike just by opening some of your favorite catalogues. Once you get the general direction you can narrow items by price point, size and quality.

Always arrange all of your findings in some type of computer page. Looking at all your fixtures together can help you quickly identify if you need more variety or if everything is cohesive. Most of all, have fun! You are inessence putting the final dressing touches on your fabulous new home!


How ever can you decide?

Selecting finishes can be so overwhelming! You need only to step into a showroom to see the infinate number of colors, materials and price points to choose from. Working with our homeowners in this daunting task is one of the many personal services we offer to alliviate the guessing and the stress often associated with the home building process. The stress is turned into excitement as we help you discover and define the look and feel of your home. You will bring to life family values, childhood memories, household functions and long held dreams about the look and feel of your new home. Above is a sample of products for one of our homeowners.