Begin planning now….

January 14, 2015 By Rocca Custom Homes

It’s never too early to start planning your dream home. Collecting inmages, thinking about functionality, collecting colors and plan ideas, are all steps on the path to your final home design and plan. Creating a theme concept utilizing a word grouping that identifies your ideal home life can be a great way to reduce the overload of great ideas and products on the market today.

I often liken the internet and design sites to “uncensored shopping”. To the unbridled consumer, there can be an overload of the senses which is quickly followed by an obsession to find the perfect hing. Ultimately many throw up thier arms as they ponder how anyone could possibly decide when it all looks so good!

As Design/Build professionals we are skilled at helping to tune you in to what you want most. We peel off layer by layer the things that are tingleing your taste buds to get at what feeds your soul. If you are thinking of building this year, now is not too early to begin planning.

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